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Ionithermie treatment offers a clinically proven alternative to eliminate cellulite. This effective treatment reduces inches from thighs, hips, abdomen and arms - the areas where cellulite commonly develops.Your body’s natural cleaning system stores toxins that crated cellulite in your tissue - the result is decreased circulation and an orange-peel-like appearance on your skin. Exercise and diet alone will not eliminate cellulite, but now there’s help.

Delivering advanced treatment to the sub-dermis of the skin by promoting circulation and extracting toxins, Ionithermie treatment uses a dual mild stimulus together with thermal clay to encourage your body to rid itself of harmful toxins. The result is smoother and more tonified skin, loss of inches, and cellulite reduction.
You will notice immediate results after just one treatment with improvement in your skin texture and the added benefit of a loss of one to eight inches. as series of five to ten treatments can result in the loss of one or two dress sizes.

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